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Welcome to the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists


Thank you for your interest in the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists. The IADRS was formed in 1979 as a vehicle of communication for public safety divers and water rescue personnel. Over the years we have educated and assisted professionals in all fifty states and fifteen foreign countries.In 1989, we received our non-profit 501c 3 recognition, which has encouraged the expansion of programs and benefits offered by the IADRS. The IADRS hosts the International Water Rescue Conference annually in various locations throughout the United States. This conference allows IADRS members and other professional rescuers and public safety divers to learn from industry experts, exchage ideas and resources and plan for the future.Our Association News is an informative publication written for the water rescue professional. The goal of the newsletter is to keep members informed on advances in training, equipment and life saving techniques. We encourage all members to submit articles, team profiles and pictures so everyone can learn about from teams.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us at (317)441-8930 or by email at dowens@iadrs.org.


The International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists is dedicated to helping water rescue professionals stay informed about advances in training, equipment, and life saving techniques. The IADRS will continue to maintain an environment where water rescue professionals can communicate, so that we may all learn from our combined knowledge and experience.

International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists

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